There is a need for individual agents, members of protection teams, and security agents to protect celebrities, corporate executives, foreign dignitaries, other individuals that are in high risk situations and protect high risk organizations that need added security.  There is also a need for tactical teams that are available for corporations experiencing strike situations or employee unrest and a need for PSD agents in high risk countries.

Applicants are required to complete a criminal background check and a our training program which prepares you for strategic positions. This training program is vital to anyone working with our company.  It is mandatory and you cannot continue the process until the training is completed.  This training program, you will not find in any bodyguard school across the Unites States.  This training program teaches you how to keep your job after you have it!

When we acquire new members who wish to enter this type of security field and work as a bodyguard  we give you this program.  It is necessary for you to succeed.  That is why we offer it for free.  Members that would like to travel outside the United States will be given the chance to explore the job market worldwide. Those of you that are interested in action packed assignments, you have the chance to travel  with your clients all over the world.    These jobs are considered high risk  and rate of pay is up to $800 per day with all traveling expenses paid .  Contracts for these jobs are becoming more available every day.  You may also have benefits on these types of bodyguard assignments. 

For those of you that don't have any experience, there are still jobs available through out the United States.  You will work on assignments as part of a team or solo if you have the training needed for the assignment.  Most low risk assignments will only require the training that we provide, that is why it is mandatory to our members.  These assignments start out at $300 per day and can go up to $600 to $700 per shift depending on experience and risk.  You may be asked to work a variety of schedules.  That will be confirmed and you will be notified of all the terms before you take the job.

We will make sure that you have the best experience possible.
Our associate has contracted with many companies worldwide to provide security for companies and private individuals around the world.  In the United States of America,  Protection Services Unlimited has been authorized to locate qualified agents and recommend them for employment services and opportunities.

We are responsible for preparing individuals for employment opportunities. To accomplish this, we pay for your training once you are accepted into our organization.  This training is mandatory for all  members.  It is non-confrontational Bodyguard training.  For more information on our training program,  check out training page.   Once you have completed your training, you will be posted on the internet and be made available to clients all over the world that are interested in the services that you can provide. Pay will depend on the services needed and your experience.   Check out the  Bodyguard info page for more information on bodyguard salaries...
International Bodyguard Network

The bodyguard industry is growing rapidly now due to the blemished state of our nations security system.  There are more individuals that are traveling these days due to business ventures or for personal reasons and just want to insure their own safety.  Most are just looking for escorts that can keep them and their families from harms way.  Businesses are also looking for guards for their CEO's, they are assets to these companies and they want to keep them safe.  The entertainment industry is also continuously growing and so is the need for their protection.  These assignments can be classified as low or high risk jobs.  Once you become a member and complete your training  you will be made available for work via the internet. 
Protection Services Unlimited
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