Non-Confrontational Bodyguard Training

This course of bodyguard/executive protection Bodyguard  Skills Training is the most extensive course available in the country.  We offer you the opportunity to train under the best program available throughout the United States.
You will be trained for close protection of celebrities, corporate officials, government leaders, foreign dignitaries and other prominent individuals who are frequently in high risk situations that demand personal protection. You may work under any type of situation, clients that are traveling, clients attending special events such as red carpet events, concerts, corporate meetings, etc.  You might even be asked to work assignments guarding high risk corporate organizations.
You can achieve your goal of becoming one of the best bodyguards and executive protection officers by becoming an excellent student.  Upon completion of your training you will be ready for employment anywhere in the US or overseas if you desire.

Theory of Non-Confrontational Protection
Read closely and understand!  This may be the most important information we can offer:  In fact it is so important that Protection Services Unlimited purchased it for you!.  We pay for the training so that you can become a valuable asset for the client you are working for.

Bodyguard Training Services

Training Syllabus 

Here are some of the highlights of this intense training program!

The Dynamics of Terror
Bodyguard Protocol
The Psychology of Fear
The Working Protocol
Synergy & Special Response Teams
Hostage Rescue
Demand for Bodyguards
Non-Confrontational Skills
Harsh Realities
Operational Planning
The Bodyguard Bible 
The Bodyguard Contract
Rules of the road checklist
EP route reporting and much more

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Study Program

The bodyguards primary responsibility is keeping his client from harms way.  To protect without a confrontation is the only way.

The mind-set you utilize to protect is vital to the safety of your client.  This is so important that we want to stress an elemental thing:  the bodyguard's primary responsibility is keeping his client from harms way.  

If the client ever sees a confrontation, the bodyguard has failed his first responsibility.  It will be your responsibility to locate these problems first and get your client out of danger.  Very few individuals truly know what this means, and often think of the profession as one of physical skills: martial arts, weapons expertise, survival driving, etc.  That's all great in the movies ... but in real life that's not the case.  Your number one skill should be excellent observation skills, if you do not have that, then you need to be in another profession because you will be putting your client in harms way and that is not what a Protection Agent's responsibility should be.

Like many, you may have police or military training in various action techniques, you may have already worked as a bodyguard without being aware of the principals of protection.  This can be dangerous for your client and yourself.  To protect you must utilize the most important skill:  Non- confrontation.  This training is based on the FIRST DIRECTIVE utilized by the Secret Service in the USA.  The program also includes legal information, copies of protection contracts, how to locate potential clients and handle protection interviews.  If a bodyguard wants to become a true professional, this training program is a must. 
You may be an expert with weapons, a superb martial artists, and a skilled tactical driver, but these talents alone will not make you a professional bodyguard.  You must add the most important element to your skills... OUR TRAINING!!!

This study program stresses the theory of Non-Confrontation Protection.  This is important in two ways: 

1) The safety of the client and the bodyguard.
2) Confrontations become targets for the press and most influential individuals do not want any adverse publicity for themselves or their company.

There are many things that you will learn from this training program, some of them you may already know and others you probably never knew would be important with this type of career.

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